25 Post Ideas For The Beauty Blogger

25 Beauty Blog Post Ideas

Writer’s block is something that any writer will likely face at some point in their life. Coming up with fresh, interesting and engaging content for your blog can be difficult and sometimes a daunting task. I know I’ve had times where I felt as if I had written about it all. I wanted to share some beauty post ideas in the hopes that it might help you if you’ve got a case of writers block, or just simply don’t know what to write about next.

  1. A review of a product you’re currently loving
  2. Make a post all about a brand and their products
  3. Favourite skin care items you need in your life
  4. Show us your nail polish collection
  5. ..and maybe even your makeup collection
  6. Show us nosey girls what’s in your bag
  7. Top 5’s – blushes, eyeshadows, lipsticks
  8. What’s currently on your wishlist
  9. Favourite seasonal beauty products
  10. Makeup look or tutorial
  11. Your top beauty hacks
  12. Tell us your favourite base products
  13. How you style your hair
  14. Show us what products you recently picked up in a haul post
  15. Share your beauty resolutions
  16. Your makeup of the day
  17. Monthly favourites
  18. Morning skin care routine
  19. Double duty makeup products
  20. Favourite makeup brushes
  21. Night-time skin care routine
  22. Show us how you rock a red lip
  23. Share how you store your makeup
  24. Minimal makeup routine
  25. Tell us how you edit your Instagram photos
What are your favourite type of posts to read?



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  • Wow! You have such a lovely blog!! Thank you for this post! I must say that sometimes I have absolutely no idea what I will write about… My favourite type of posts to read are the DIY’s or tutorials and fashion, beauty related. I also love to write about lifestyle, fashion, beauty and self love. Hope you have a nice day!
    With love Alexandra from

    • Hi Alexandra, thanks so much for the lovely comment! I’m happy that you found the post helpful! x

  • What great suggestions you have there!

  • I love posts like this as I often get stuck when it comes to thinking up content!

  • These are some great ideas! I especially love reading about/seeing how people store their makeup. Especially when it’s a different kind of setup.

  • Yiotou_La
  • These are some really great ideas. Not exactly in a slump at the moment, just extremely busy that I don’t even have time to think about new ideas. Thanks for sharing!

    Sally – DiagonSally