5 Beauty Tools That Can Make Your Beauty Routine Easier

5 Beauty Tools Designed To Make Your Beauty Routine Easier

Different beauty tools are always popping up on the market with the promises of making your routine just that little bit easier. I am always intrigued to see new gadgets that companies come out with and I’ve rounded up some different items, some you may have already seen and maybe some you haven’t, as I thought it would make for an interesting post. You’ll definitely want to add some of these beauty tools to your wishlist!


This product was created to keep your beauty sponges in one place, and also provide a place for them to dry after use. You don’t want to be leaving your used sponges on your vanity table, so placing your beauty blender in a holder like this seems like a pretty ingenious idea. It’s also travel friendly and can be taken with you on the go. Pretty cool, right? I think I may have to pick one of these up!

Color Switch

I have been wanting to get my hands on this product for a while, and have since added it to my Sephora cart. The concept of this product is that you can switch different eyeshadows (or any other powder product) without having to change to a different brush just by swirling it over the dry sponge. This would work particularly well if you don’t have a lot of makeup brushes in your collection and need to spot clean a brush so you can use it again.

Brush Cleaning Mat

Now I don’t know about you, but I don’t particularly look forward to cleaning my makeup brushes on the weekly. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing better than having all your makeup brushes fresh and clean, but the time it takes to do so can be daunting. Sigma has come out with a few different brush cleaning devices that really speed up the process by providing a textured surface to swirl your eye and face brushes on to remove all the makeup and give your brushes the deep clean they deserve.

Dry N Shape Tower

While we are on the topic of makeup brushes, this product goes hand in hand with the brush cleaning mat I mentioned above. Storing your brushes upside down to dry is the best way to prolong their life. Water that gets stuck in the barrel of your brush loosens the glue that holds the hairs in place, and subsequently cause your brush to fall apart. Trust me, it’s happened to me before. This tower allows your brushes to be stored upside down and also helps keep their shape so the hairs don’t become splayed.


I saw an article for this product last month and was completely blown away by it. The HiMirror assesses the condition of your skin and helps you monitor it’s progress when using different skin care products based on the areas you are targeting. So if you were ever wondering if a product was truly working for you, this mirror will give you all the deets in the skin summary section. This is definitely an innovative product that I can see myself investing in!

Have you tried any of these beauty tools?


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  • The makeup brush mat is definitely something I want will make cleaning brushes so easy

    Beauty Candy Loves

    • Exactly, and it will really give them a deep clean as well so you know all the product in your brushes is gone. Genius!

  • I never try any of these before, but I want :)

  • Grace Lipscomb

    I have never tried these! Might have to look into them!

  • I’m not really into beauty tools apart from brushes and sponges, but the colour switch brush cleaner definitely sounds like something I could get on board with. I hate washing/cleaning my brushes but if I had that sitting right there I’d be able to clean off my eye brushes after each use so there’d be no excuse to let them all get dirty!