5 Pixi Beauty Products You Need To Try

5 Pixi By Petra Favourites You Need To Try

As beauty lovers, we are always trying to find the latest and greatest products to splurge our hard earned pennies on. So many new items hit the shelves every day and with each new release, it can be overwhelming to say the least. You never know what could ultimately end up being your new holy grail product, or turn out to be a total dud. I have been a fan of Pixi for over a year now and have tried and tested quite the selection of their beauty offerings and wanted to share 5 Pixi Beauty products worth trying out.

Glow Tonic

Let’s start with skincare, shall we? I am sure if you are an avid beauty blog reader that you have seen this product pop up quite a few times on your feed. The Pixi Glow Tonic is an exfoliating facial toner that is formulated with glycolic acid which removes dead skin cells from the skin. It truly is as easy as soaking a cotton pad, running it over your face and neck and you have an instantly radiant complexion. It’s gentle enough to use on an everyday basis and it’s alcohol-free. Bonus!

Makeup Fixing Mist

Since we are talking about glowing skin, I will introduce the Pixi Makeup Fixing Mist. I am a huge lover of makeup setting sprays, and this one is lovely. The rose water and green tea hydrate the skin (you can imagine how incredible this smells) while keeping all of your creams and powders in place. It’s great to mist over the face before and after you apply your makeup as it gives a nice subtle glow to the skin making it look healthy. Excuse me while I give my face a bit of a refresh!

Beauty Blush Duo

Now I am all about multi-purpose products, and Pixi’s Beauty Blush Duo‘s are fantastic. You get a blush and highlight in one convenient palette and it even comes with an amazingly soft kabuki brush to boot. The powders have a lovely soft sheen to them that livens up the face and they apply so beautifully onto the cheeks without any patchiness. I have the shade Peach Honey which on one side has a peachy pink nude blush and a beige champagne highlighter with the slightest hint of pink to it on the other. I can’t wait to pick up some of their other duo’s!

Lash Line Ink

On a day to day basis, I prefer to use liquid eyeliners as they are so quick and easy to apply. The Pixi Lash Line Ink is a super black, waterproof liquid liner with a very fine felt tip which makes creating that cat eye a breeze. I’ve tried many different liquid eyeliners over the years and this one is my favourite budget friendly option. I like that you can use the side of the felt tip to thicken up your liner, and the very tip to get those thin precise lines. I really hope they come out with some more colours in the future!

Lengthy Fiber Mascara

I have a whole in-depth blog post dedicated to this product on my blog (here) if you are wanting to check it out, but the Pixi Lengthy Fiber Mascara is the only fiber mascara that I’ve tried and actually got along with. I love to use this when I am wanting standout lashes without the falsies and it really does the trick. It has a curved brush which makes it really easy to get into the base of your lashes and build up the volume and length. The mascara has fibers in it, unlike others where the fibers are separate, and I find that I like that so much more. Definitely a mascara worth trying if you’re really wanting dramatic lashes.

There are so many more products that I truly love and I will definitely be coming out with another post on some more Pixi Beauty products that you need to add to your collection soon! I hope you found this post helpful and will give the brand a try!

What are your favourite Pixi Beauty products?


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*products sent c/o Pixi

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  • I’ve not tried anything from Pixi, but the glow tonic sounds amazing! Definitely need to give it a go!xx

    • I love how easy it is to use, and it makes your skin look so fresh look afterwards!

  • I have yet to try Pixi products, but I am dying to! The Glow Tonic especially. Did you order them online?

    Nicole | The Glam Surge // Enter My Giveaway!

    • I am so impressed with Pixi Beauty overall! These products were sent to me by them, but they are going to be launching in Canada in February at Shopper’s Drugmart!

  • The Glow Tonic has been on my wish list for ages – I definitely need to give it a try!

    xo, Liz

    • It’s such a simple step to add to your routine that does make a difference if you keep up with using it!

  • I’m a Pixi fan too and I’ve heard so many good things about their glow products – I know what’s at the top of my next shopping list now! Great post :)

    • Thanks so much for stopping by Abby! I can’t wait to get my hands on more of their products!

  • I have heard a lot of good stuff about pixi on disqus but haven’t tried yet.
    Will definitely give it a try.

    • Really hope you give them a try and enjoy them! x

  • Caitlin

    Quick question about the Glow Tonic – I’ve had the bottle for a while, but it still slightly mystifies me. I use it after cleansing, but do you wash it off afterwards? I have some reservations about it mixing with my moisturizer that I put on afterwards…

  • I love Glow Tonic and have been through a few bottles of it before and use it all the time. I’m really interested in trying more of their skincare too, especially their glow mud cleanser and maybe one of their moisturisers/hydrating masks. I’m not super interested in their makeup but I’ve heard their liquid liner is really good so maybe I’ll pick that up one day.

  • The Glow Tonic strangely never did much for my skin – I swear by Biologique Recherche’s P50W – but the blush duo looks pretty!