5 Ways To Get (and stay) Motivated

Lacking motivation? These 5 tips will help get you on track to leading a more motivated lifestyle!

As much as I would love to be that girl who has all their entire day planned and organized the night before, the truth is I’m just not. I have always been a leave it to the last minute type of person, but as I’ve gotten older I have tried to set more of a routine for myself which I’ve found really helps me.

But of course, there are still those days when you’re just not feeling it and would rather push the laptop aside in favor of that new TV series on Netflix, I know you’ve been there too. I wanted to share some easy ways that can help get you motivated to get stuff done.

Write a to-do list.
Having a list will keep you on track and checking off those tasks when you’ve completed them will make you feel great. Make sure you prioritize what projects need your attention now versus later. Getting those big tasks finished and out of your mind will help you to be able to tackle the smaller projects with ease.

Create a playlist.
I have always loved making playlists, only they were on tapes and cd’s instead of all together in one convenient place – Spotify, I love you. Listening to songs that motivate and get you excited can help you get ready to tackle the day head on. Why not check out the Morning Motivation playlist?

Get organized.
A clean workspace helps eliminate any distractions that you may have throughout the day. I find that I cannot fully commit to any work unless I have a clean and tidy desk. Tidying up often now will eliminate having to do one big, deep clean later. Trust me, you’ll thank yourself for it later.

See it, be it.
Pin helpful, motivational and inspiring photos on Pinterest or onto an inspiration board in your office. Always on the go? Set one as your phone, tablet or laptop background. This will also work great if you’re working towards a goal as it will be a constant reminder. Change up the photos frequently to keep things fresh and seeing it will get you into a positive and creative mindset.

Appreciate how far you’ve come.
Even if you didn’t finish everything that you set out to do today, don’t sweat it! Be happy with what you did accomplish, tomorrow is a new day. Don’t forget to reward yourself for your hard work. Doing so will help keep spur you on and want to keep going.

How do you stay motivated?
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  • Katie

    Aw I loved this post! I always find Pinterest great for inspiration and scattering quotes everywhere!

    Katie | Katies World of Beauty

    • Really happy you liked it! Every time I log onto Pinterest there are always such great inspirational quotes in my feed. Love it! x

  • I’ve been loving to-do-lists and playlists to stay motivated. My space hasn’t been really organized lately but I’ll defo have to get cracking on that. Thank you for sharing, Hilary!

    May | THE MAYDEN | bloglovin’

    • I am one of those people who have an ‘organized mess’. It’s a step I’m definitely still working on. Thanks for stopping by! x

  • Amazing post, very inspiring, I love it, thanks for sharing!!!


    • So happy that it inspired you! Have a lovely day. x