Beauty Trials: Pixi Lengthy Fiber Mascara

Beauty Trials: Pixi Fiber Lash Mascara

Beauty Trials: Pixi Fiber Lash Mascara

I recently put this new mascara from Pixi to the test and thought I would share my first impressions with you. The Lengthy Fiber Mascara ($16) is said to give your lashes ultra-definition by lengthening them to give your eyes a more wide-awake appearance. The curved brush helps to give the lashes some curl while the fibers extend and give volume to your lashes for a faux lash look. I have quite short, sparse lashes so any mascara that promises to lengthen and give volume grabs my attention immediately and I couldn’t wait to try this out. It also contains ingredients such as vitamin E and chamomile to help strengthen your lashes over time which is an added bonus for me.

The wand is pretty standard but has a really nice curve to it which allows you to get to the base of your lashes very easily. The formula is thicker than some of my other mascaras and isn’t too wet or too dry, it lands somewhere in the middle. I found the brush picked up a bit too much product so I scraped off any excess into the tube before applying. I really liked the curved brush and felt like it really helped to lift my lashes and I used the tip of the brush to get those pesky inner and outer corner lashes that just never like to cooperate. The brush did a nice job at separating and distributing the product and the fibers stuck nicely to my lashes. I applied two coats of this just to get the full effect and found it’s easy to layer while the product is still wet and it dries quite quickly. It definitely gave me some volume and even looks as if I gained some extra lashes (score!) but sadly it did not give me any more length than my regular everyday mascara.

I applied this to my bottom lashes as well and personally didn’t like the outcome, but that’s mostly because my lower lashes are quite pathetic and few and far between. If you have nice natural lashes, or even if you don’t (like myself), this mascara really does the trick. It did start to flake a little bit on me after a few hours, but not terrible by any means. It’s also not waterproof so there was a little smudging along my lower lashline. I like this fiber mascara much better than the last one I tried, the Too Faced Better Than False Lashes Extreme, and will be reaching for this when I’m really wanting standout lashes without the falsies. I like how the fibers are mixed in with the mascara so you don’t have to go through the whole three step process, just swipe a few coats on and you’re done, no fuss. Pixi has certainly reinstilled faith in me that some fiber mascara can actually work for me and not look like a clumpy, spidery mess.

What is your favourite mascara for stand out lashes?


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  • I once tried the Maybelline fibre mascara which worked well until halfway through the day when I’d end up with fibre bits in my eye. That scared me a little but I think I’m ready to move on and try fibre mascaras again. :P Thanks for such an in depth review!

    Sally – DiagonSally

    • I didn’t know Maybelline came out with a fiber mascara! Yeah, they definitely hurt a bit when they get in your eye. I guess that’s the price we have to pay for nice lashes, huh? ;)

  • Oh wow this looks like a fab mascara, I love the shape of the wand! xx

    Gemma ♥ Miss Makeup Magpie

    • The wand is really nice, the curve makes all the difference!

  • This looks like a mascara I’d like, I’m starting to realise how fussy I am with them but I’ll try give this one a go!

    The Makeup Directory

    • I have such a hard time with mascaras because my lashes are so ‘meh’. I was really surprised that I found a fiber one that actually worked for me. Definitely give it a try!