Blogging Communities & Why They Are Important

Why it's important to be a part of blogging communities and how they can help you grow your online presence.

About a week ago I was on my blog’s Facebook page and came across a group that was all about engaging with other bloggers and promoting your blog. I had heard of blogging Facebook groups before and how others have had success with them but I had never joined one until last week. Why it took me so long I’m not really sure, but I figured why not give it a try, see if it works and report back to you guys?

So what is a blogging community anyway?

A blogging community is a group where bloggers get together to connect and share content with each other. Not only can you share your blog posts, but you are also able to share your social media channels as well. Typically these communities are closed Facebook groups where you must be approved before you are able to gain access. Some require you to message an admin of the group with your blog link while others don’t, so it really depends on the group.

There is one that I have really been enjoying in particular, the Blog Engagement/Promotion Group, due to it’s very organized approach. Every group is different and you’ll find some that may have just a few members while other may have thousands. The group I mentioned above accepts all different type of blogs from beauty, lifestyle, travel, tech and mommy blogs just as a few examples. However, you can do a quick Facebook search if you’re looking for a group that is specific to your blogs niche.

What can they do for me and my blog?

Joining these groups can help you connect with like-minded bloggers and is great for networking. Making friendships with others not only benefits you on a personal level, but it can also help your blog as well. It can give you the potential to collaborate with other blogs, open up guest post opportunities among many other things.

These groups are also a place where you can share your content. You work hard on your blog getting your theme just right, researching topics and writing up your posts all while having to take and edit your killer photographs to go along with your post. We want our hard work to be seen and appreciated by others and these groups allow you to get your content in front of other creatives.

This being said it’s important that when you join a group you engage with others, visit their blogs or social accounts and share their content. Each group has a set of rules that you should look over and follow. Admins may have set days of the week where you are able to share your blog or certain social accounts, like the group I mentioned above, so you will need to read carefully before posting. They also may have requirements that you must meet when posting as to keep link spamming to a minimum.

Being a part of a community is a really great feeling because you are engaging with people who have similar interests to yourself, and who better to understand the hard work that goes into creating that super detailed post than other bloggers? These groups are just another form of social media, and sharing relevant content from others in the group onto your social channels will not only help the blogger but also help your followers and readers as well because you are providing them with content that will benefit them.

Blogging communities to check out:

Blog Engagement & Promotion Group – This group is all about gaining engagement on your blog and social media accounts and is a place to network with other bloggers.

Grow Your Blog – Similar to the previous group, it allows you to post your blog content and social media accounts. It is an all or nothing group, so it is required that if you leave a link you must complete all other links in the thread.

Insta-Fabulous – Since we’re talking about growing an online presence in general, I thought I would share this group that focuses specifically on growing your engagement on Instagram.

FBL: Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle – I’m sure most of you instantly recognize this name if you frequent Twitter chats on the regular. It is the official group for the Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle chat (#FBLchat) and too helps you gain engagement online.

I really hope that you found this post helpful and have a little bit more insight on what blogging communities are and how they can grow your blog and online presence. During the past week that I have been a part of these blogging communities I have seen an increase in my following across all channels and really wanted to share this information with you guys. If you found it helpful I’d love if you’d share it to help spread the word about these amazing groups as they are so incredibly helpful to fellow bloggers!

Are you part of a blogging community?
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  • Thank you for the tips! I just joined all the groups- I’ve been trying to grow my blog recently.

    xx, A Little Dose of Makeup

    • You’re very welcome! Hope you find them as useful as I have! x

  • nicole

    I am always enagging within Twitter chats and commenting on blogs! It’s the best thing to do if you want to feel part of the community and make new friends x

    • I love Twitter chats! I try and participate in them as much as I can. :)

  • Hi Hilary, great post! I am part of so many FB blogging communities and they are really great for engaging and finding new fellow bloggers. x
    Ninz/ www,

    • Absolutely! I am really glad that I joined a few because I’ve found some amazing new blogs from them. Happy you liked the post!

  • I’ve never really used a blogging community before but it seems like a great way to start growing my blog and engage with new followers
    Lizzie | Garland Girl

    • Definitely give it a try! I wish I had of sooner. x

  • I’m part of so many blogging communities, at the moment. And I’ve just joined some you mentioned in your post!:) The one I use the most is UK Bloggers because of how organised it is, and how the content and opportunities are more geared to UK bloggers which is what I am:)

  • Thanks for the list of great communities to join!

  • Just discovering your blog, and I couldn’t thank you enough for these tips! They are very helpful. :)

    • Hi Cailee! I am so happy that you found this post helpful! Happy blogging x

  • Shevy Bee

    Thanks for the info. I’ll be joining the groups that I have not yet already joined. I didnt realize how important joining a community was until I joined FBL lol