Chapters Stationery & Home Haul

This set of notebooks from Chapters Indigo are perfect for Spring! See more items on the blog!

Gorgeous Spring stationary and home pieces from Chapters Indigo!

So I asked on Twitter yesterday if stationery hauls were a thing because I would be all over those all day every day and apparently other’s would too. So this is me encouraging you to write also write stationery posts because I need them in my life, really. With that being said, today I am bringing you a stationery and home haul – please let’s make this a thing. So I was browsing online on the Chapters website and came across some really cute pieces that I just had to get. I skipped drove over to my local store and was in absolute heaven, and I’m happy that I was able to pick up a few items that I was eyeing.

The first thing I picked up was this gorgeous set of 3 notebooks and I adore them. In case you didn’t know, peonies are my favourite flower so this purchase was a no-brainer. They are very thin, with ruled pages and are a great size to put in your handbag and carry around with you, especially if a blog post idea strikes and you need to write it down ASAP. That being said, you can’t write down your amazing ideas with a pen, right? I really love this pen with it’s white and mint stripes and gold accents. It has a nice weight to it, writes beautifully and a girl can never have enough pretty pens.

Another item that caught my attention was the Dream Bigger, Darling paperweight. There were so many styles to choose from but I ended up picking up this one and thought it would be a really pretty prop for some blog photos and will also work nicely on my desk. Lastly, I came across these stunning magnets, a pretty random thing to pick up I know, but it was actually a necessity for me. The magnets on my fridge and whiteboard are awful and I am so happy to have some new ones that aren’t an eyesore to look at.

I honestly could have spent hours in the store picking up little bits and pieces but somehow restrained myself. I’m telling you, Chapters is an obsession of mine that I never want to get rid of! I really hope you lovelies liked this post as it’s a bit different, and be sure to let me know if you enjoyed it in the comments!

Did any of these pieces catch your eye? Which ones?


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  • So pretty. Reminds me of a little French garden. That pen looks like something from Kate Spade, too.


  • Lesley-Anne Marker

    This adorable little collection you have picked has inspired me to go and do some shopping hehe

  • This is going to seem so rude, but I do mean well! It’s “stationery” with an e. Stationary with an A means to stand still!

    • Thanks Chelle! I’ve corrected it. :) x

  • All of these are gorgeous, I particularly love the notebooks and pen!

    Lilies and Lipbalm

  • Jasmine Ledezma

    I love these pieces! I’m also obsessed with stationery! It helps me actually want to use them. haha

    xo jasmine|

  • I love stationery too! I think I am a bit addicted to buying it, I can’t walk past a shop without buying a cute little notebook. Your notebooks are so pretty too! :)

    Emily / The Mini Mermaid

  • What a lovely post, I used to be obsessed with stationery when I was younger, now that obsession has turned into make up! Appreciating a good notepad and lovely writing pens is what it is all about though! <3

    The Dazzle Guide

  • I swoon over all of these each time I’m in chapters or Coles. I just bought a small blue journal and one of their charm pens :)