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Demeter Scent Memory Blending Set

Recently I was given the opportunity to create a Scent Memory Blending Set from Demeter Fragrance Library and CBB and I jumped at the chance. I have talked about Demeter products on my blog before and how I enjoyed mixing and matching them to create a custom scent, but this set is personalized especially for me. As much as I am a huge fan of Summer there is something so magical about the season that follows. The crisp leaves under your feet, the chill in the air and bundling up in layers upon layers.. it really doesn’t get any better than that.

The scents I chose were ones that really gave that feeling of Autumn. Pumpkin Pie for it’s richness, cranberry for its tartness, and to compliment, Golden Delicious for its crispness. When mixed, these three fragrances come together to smell just like I am walking through a farmers market on a sunny afternoon in Autumn (one of my favourite things to do) and having a delicious Thanksgiving dinner with my family.

Inspired by the scents of real objects and life experiences, Demeter fragrances evoke powerful, personal memories and emotions.

Demeter Scent Memory Blending Set

The first scent I picked was Pumpkin Pie, a staple around this time of year. You can smell the spiciness of cinnamon, ginger and cloves and the sweetness from the sugar. It smells like you just pulled a freshly baked pie right out of the oven. The scent brings a smile to my face every time I smell it. The next scent I chose was Cranberry. When you first spray this it can be a bit heavy, but it quickly dies down and becomes quite light and fresh. It adds that slight hint of bitter sweetness that is oh so lovely. Lastly, this scent was chosen for me to compliment the two fragrances above. Golden Delicious smells just like you’re walking through an apple orchard or baking apple crumble which happens to be one of my favourite deserts. It adds a crispness when combined with the Pumpkin Pie and Cranberry and helps complete my scent memory.

Demeter Scent Memory Blending Set

There really aren’t many things better than being outside during a beautiful day in Autumn. The air is fresh, the sun is bright and warm yet the air is cool and crisp. Bundling up in layers, drinking hot drinks while watching the leaves chance colour and spending time with loved ones is truly something I am grateful for each year. Now while this year may be coming to an end, another one is soon to come and many beautiful new memories with it.

Demeter Scents Inspired By Memories

These last three scents were selected from personal scent memories by Demeter CEO, Mark Crames. The first scent is Rice Paddy which reminds him of his trip to Taiwan where he was surrounded by Rice Paddies. It smells sweet yet musky at the same time and is like nothing I’ve experienced before. Mountain Air brings memories from his vacation to Alaska and captures the smell of the cool mountain air and clear waters. This scent was a hit with my boyfriend. Lastly is Vanilla Cake Batter, which I am sure is a favourite to many, which reminds him of baking sessions. I mean, who doesn’t love to lick the spoon after baking, that’s the best part!

I want to thank CBB and Demeter Fragrance Library for giving me the opportunity to create this Scent Memory Blending Set. I have had so much fun mixing them together! If you are interested in trying out Demeter fragrances for yourself, they can be purchased on!

Which three scents would you blend together?


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  • great post and I’m so glad you had such a fun time blending! after reading these posts I definitely have cranberry on my wishlist, it sounds delicious :D bleding demeter scent is such a fun way to make your own unique scent too.

    • Thank you! Cranberry smells absolutely amazing and it’s been a blast creating my own custom scents!