INAZ Cosmetics Review

Hi there!

Today I have a review for you on some seriously amazing eye shadows and glitters I was sent by the lovely Amber from Inaz Cosmetics! I received 13 eyeshadows, and 6 glitters from their line and they are stunning. They came in little sample jars which I prefer over sample baggies because I find they make much less mess and are much easier to store. Amber sent me a beautiful assortment of goodies as you can see below, so lets get into the review!





I absolutely love loose eye shadows because they have amazing colour payoff when applied dry, or wet. These are no exception! The pigmentation of their eye shadows is phenomenal, and they blend seamlessly and effortlessly. It takes no time at all to get the desired opacity and they are just seriously a pleasure to work with. Of course with loose shadows there can be fall out if you don’t tap the excess off your brush, but that is easily fixed with a makeup wipe or translucent powder. I’m happy to see that Inaz has different textured eye shadows. I’m a fan of shimmer, but it’s nice to have some matte options as well.

The swatches below are over a primer, and were applied dry to the back of my hand with my finger. Isn’t that a beautiful selection of shadows? *swoon*


Now for the glitters! You can never have too much glitter in your makeup stash, and I am so happy that I received some. The six colours I was sent are Midna Glam, Glam Rock, Majora Glam, Green Faerie Glam and two Mercury Glam glitters. It’s nice to have some different colours in my collection as I love using glitter in my makeup looks. These are also extremely easy to work with if you apply a little at a time and build up slowly. The glitters also have different textures as some are more finer, where as others have larger glitters. I have to say my favourite is Midna Glam, it is the most beautiful and unique glitter I have ever seen. I am really going to get a lot of use out of these!

These were also applied over a primer with my finger.

This is the look I created using a few of their products. I used Chesire wet all over the lid, a neutral brown in the crease and popped some of Midna Glam onto my top lid, and on the middle portion of my lower lashline. I really loved how the shadow and glitter complimented each other and it really gave some interest to the look.

I was asked to do my cousins makeup on New Years Eve and she wanted some major sparkle on her eyes. I reached for Glam Rock and applied it all over her lid over top of a neutral eye shadow and it turned out beautifully. She was just as happy with it as I was!


I have some more awesome makeup looks planned using Inaz Cosmetics, so be sure to check back for those in the near future! If you are interested in seeing what products Inaz Cosmetics has to offer you can head over to their Facebook page and check out their photos. They carry a large assortment of eye shadows, glitters, and mineral blushes (which look gorgeous) so be sure to head over there, take a look, and give them some love!


Take care!


*Items shown were sent for consideration.