Losing Your Blogging Groove + Tips To Get It Back

Lost your blogging groove? Here are some tips from bloggers on how to get it back!

Recently I participated in a #fblchat that was focused around losing your “blogging mojo”. Losing the motivation to write seems to be a very common problem among bloggers at some point in their blogging journey, and I came across some great tips being shared during the chat and wanted to round some of them up into a post with the hopes that it may be helpful to anyone that is currently in a blogging slump.

  • “Remember why you started. That will help you regain any blogging mojo! Never give up!” – @lauramariescott
  • “Comparison kills your passion, motivation, and productivity. Just focus on your own hustle and it will work out!” – @Joelle_o
  • “If you are feeling uninspired, why not revive an old post idea with new information/ideas or a new creative angle!” -@tbc_blog
  • “If having a break works for you, do it. If focusing on another platform works for you, do it. Your blog. Your rules.” – @owlsandstags
  • “Always try and explore other niches when lacking in motivation, never just stick to one.. you might find a passion for another.” – @_AnaCristina_

Sometimes life just gets in the way so don’t feel bad if your blog has to go on the back burner for a while. Taking a break can give you a fresh perspective and help you remember why you loved blogging in the first place. Breaks not your thing? Try taking 15 minutes and having a brainstorming session. Write down any ideas (see 25 post ideas here) that come to mind: products you’re loving, fashion trends your following, a new restaurant you tried out and run with it. Taking a few minutes to force yourself to sit down may be just what you need to break that blogging block. Always on the go? Write your ideas down in a notes app on your phone!

Inspiration comes and goes, so try and revisit the places that give you those creative ideas. Sit down and go through your Bloglovin’ follow list and catch up on your blog reading. Found a post you like? Why not use it as inspiration and put your own personal spin on it and make it your own? Reading my favourite blogs really helps to get my enthusiasm for blogging going. Love Pinterest? Scrolling through the thousands of images and boards may just give you that spark that you need for your best blog post yet.

  • Comparison is something that can truly de-motivate you and hinder your creativity. Be confident in your blogging abilities! – @tbc_blog
  • “I often go back to drafts I started before and finish them when I’m stuck for content” – @OhButDarling_
  • “I take a break quite often and come back full of inspiration! I think it’s healthy!!” – @Blonde_Vision
  • “I think sometimes everyone just needs to remember we’re only human & can only do so much. You also only live once!” – @Clairey_tweetie
  • “..have time out to seek new inspiration to then put into posts, meanwhile changing things up helps you experiment + not get bored or run out of ideas so they both work, albeit in diff ways” – @YasminStefaniee

Still stuck for content ideas? Try reaching out to your readers. They will be able to give you great insight into what they are looking forward to seeing from you next. You can also talk to your blogging pals who might give you that push that you need to sit down and crack on with writing. Try and figure out what is keeping you from enjoying blogging. Are you no longer happy with the theme of your blog? Maybe it’s time to refocus and go in a different direction. Getting down about readership or pageviews? Why not join a blogging community or research SEO tips and tricks!

What are your tips for getting out of a blogging slump?


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  • Thank you for this :)

  • Sounds like it was a very inspiring chat:) When does the chat take place?

  • I’ve gotten in a blogging slump before. I often contemplate giving it up with all the different algorithims of social media and such, but than I find myself finding something to post about or being contacted by a company and I’m back at it. I’ve learned to just ride with it. Take a break every now and than. It’s a lot easier to enjoy it. Great post!

  • I love the positivity of this post! I’ve been feeling like I’ve been in a bit of a blogging rut recently, I might consider giving my blog a mini makeover to spice things up a bit and bring back that blogging spark!

    Toni x

  • Thank you for this post, it helps a lot. I recently had a dry spell with blogging for about 2 months. I just felt really unmotivated because its so hard to market today with all these weird social media algorithms. This post was pretty inspiring, especially the quotes about how comparison can kill passion and motivation. I’m starting get back in the groove of things though. :)


  • This is really nicely put together. Sometimes it just helps to hear that everybody is having the same moments of doubt and lack of blogging mojo.

  • Sara B

    These tips are great! I often loose the desire to blog and need some motivation :)