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Makeup Shaming

Makeup Shaming

There seems to be this ongoing issue on social media, and in real life, that has really compelled me to write a post about it. Makeup shaming is becoming more prevalent lately, especially with the rise of beauty bloggers and vloggers, and social media has made it very easy for individuals to express their opinions openly to a large audience.

When I saw this post on Twitter about Shannon Harris, a beauty Youtuber, recently I honestly couldn’t believe how many re-tweets and favorites it had gotten. The caption of the photo stating “This is why our first date is running a mile around the track to see if you sweat the makeup off” had me completely baffled. When did comments like this become acceptable to say? It doesn’t seem to matter whether a woman has a full face of makeup or is rocking a bare face, there always seems to be someone criticizing their choice.

There seems to be this stigma that makeup is only for those who are unattractive and this couldn’t be further from the truth. As I’m sure you have seen, makeup shamers are very hypocritical. If you wear makeup, you’re unattractive. If you don’t, you’re still unattractive. No matter what you choose, you will be judged. You see photos on Instagram of women who are rocking a full face of makeup and are told that they shouldn’t wear so much. Then you have photos of women rocking their bare face in a selfie and are told that they should put some makeup on. It seems that whether we choose to wear it or not, we are never accepted.

The beauty industry is ever growing and constantly releasing new and innovative products to the market. Have uneven skin tone? Even it out with some foundation. Have a pesky spot you want to hide? Concealer has you covered. Want longer, fuller lashes? Put on a few coats of mascara. The possibilities are endless. Just because a woman chooses to wear makeup doesn’t mean that they are insecure, fake, or have something to hide. It also doesn’t mean that because a person chooses not to wear makeup that they are better than those who do. We aren’t “fake” because we wear makeup, and we aren’t “real” because we don’t. We are just ourselves. Simple as that.

Makeup isn’t a mask, it’s just a way to express yourself as my friend so eloquently put it. At the end of the day, does it really matter that much to someone if we cover a spot with concealer or add some bronzer to enhance our cheekbones? Do the products we apply to our own faces really warrant such negative comments from others? It’s a choice, just like so many other choices we make on a day to day basis. Life is full of them. Why not celebrate everyone’s unique individuality instead? Why do people think it is acceptable to tear other’s down for choices that have nothing to do with them and do not affect them?

I hope my thoughts in this post have come across in the right way, and I really want to end off this post by saying that you are beautiful no matter what. Inside and out. Whether you choose to wear makeup or not doesn’t change that. I saw this quote today and thought it was very fitting: Your value doesn’t decrease based on someone’s inability to see your worth. Whatever you choose to do, let it be for you, not someone else. As long as you are happy and confident that is all that matters. I think we can turn this makeup shaming issue into a positive thing by bringing awareness, creating conversation and supporting one another.

What are your thoughts on makeup shaming, and have you been a victim of it?


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  • Oh my goodness, this is perfect! I agree with your thoughts perfectly. I feel like there’s this stigma around makeup. We use makeup but we shouldn’t be ‘wearing makeup.’ We have to look natural, without using anything. It’s absurd! Wear makeup for you, because you do you. <3

    xx Bash | Bash Says Hey | bloglovin’

  • I’ve seen quite a few similar posts floating around Instagram. They’re horrible! For a while I used to feel embarrassed to even admit that I was a beauty blogger. I’d always get a look followed by an eye roll. I’d have to explain that it’s not as superficial as it seems. It’s really more of a creative outlet for me. But people are going to think/feel what they want. It’s just too bad they can’t be decent human beings during the process.

    Great post.

  • I definitely agree with you – you can never win, whatever you do! It really annoys me when people assume that you must be shallow or unhappy with yourself because you wear make up. True, it’s a lifesaver when you’ve got spots to hide, but make up is also really fun for a lot of people. Great post! xx


  • Paola Bernal

    It’s a shame that even with all the progress we are making to fight against shaming in every possible way, there are still this kind of people with simple mind. Makeup is just another accessory, what if I want to wear it? It’s my choice, I know I’m pretty without it, but I want to express it with eyeliner and a really bright lipstick.

    I have faith that this will change soon, now that we are more.


  • Great post! I totally agree. The same happens with body shaming, if a girl gains a little bit of weight she gets criticized immediately, and now it’s also happening with makeup. Society should give us a break! Makeup is art, and it’s a shame that many people see it as a “mask”. Whether it’s dramatic winged liner or no makeup at all, they shouldn’t be judging.

  • ugh dont get me started. one of my colleagues won’t date women who wear ‘too much makeup’ b/c he thinks they have self esteem issues. I nearly blew up at him, i couldn’t believe what he was saying!!

  • Oh, this is just ridiculous! It baffles me how arrogant some people are! It’s always something though, isn’t it! Hair – too blond, too fake, too long, body – one day you’re too fat, another day you’re too skinny! Get a grip people and start enjoying life for what it has to offer!

    Dash xx

  • Unbelievable! Sometimes you just can’t win either way. I just have to share this Amy Schumer skit if you haven’t seen it, hilarious and sad at the same time

  • I want to thank all of you for taking the time to comment on my post! I wasn’t sure how it was going to go and it was a bit nerve-wracking, but I am happy that it was well received. Thank you again!

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  • What a great post! People can be really arrogant! We can’t please everyone, so we shouldn’t try to either… for me makeup is not a mask either, it’s simply great fun.

  • I love this!
    I follow a make up guy on Twitter and he’s recieved so much abuse for not blending properly which I find ridiculous. I love wearing make up and wear it in a lot of my blog posts and Insta posts but I’m no expert and it would make me mortified if someone said I was doing something wrong. I think we all do things in our own way- there shouldn’t be hate :(