My Brother Explains The Purpose Of Makeup

My Brother Explains The Purpose Of Makeup

I first saw the My Husband Explains The Purpose Of Makeup post on Kirsty’s blog and couldn’t help but laugh while reading through it. Her husbands answers were absolutely hilarious and I originally set out to ask my fiance these same questions, but knew full well that he has a pretty good knowledge about makeup products and their purposes.

I was visiting at my parents house over the weekend with him and my brother, and when I started to go through the questions my brother chirped in and his answers were straight to the point and some even quite amusing. He is a “pro” after all I was told, so I thought I’d share them with you!

What is a primer? The stuff that you put on the wall. We’re talking about makeup. It primes your.. face?

What is foundation? I don’t know, a base coat for your face?

What is concealer? I guess it would hide pimples.

What is face powder? It makes you smell good. Girls go to the powder room and they come out smelling great.

What is bronzer? make you look like Tan Mom. It makes you look like Tan Mom? Yeah, if you put on too much! Well we wouldn’t want that..

What is blush? It’s the thing that makes your cheeks red.

What is highlighter? The stuff that you – wait we’re talking about makeup. It.. highlights?

What is mascara? It the thing on your eyes that makes them black.

What is eyeshadow? That’s the stuff that goes on top of your eyelids.

What does an eye kohl do? Eye kohl.. It’s that thing that shapes your eyebrows. It goes on your brows? Yeah, like you put it here from here to here*mimics eyeliner application* Oh, I see.

What does a brow pencil do? Oh, is THAT the stuff that goes on your eyebrows?

What is lipstick? That obviously goes on your lips. It’s like red paint for your lips.

What is setting spray? It sets your makeup.

What is BB Cream? Some type of thing you rub on a zit.


I really hope that you guys got a laugh out of some of my brothers answers – he certainly knows his stuff, doesn’t he? I’m thinking about asking him some beauty advice questions in the future so I can get his “professional” opinions that we are all sure to benefit from. *wink*


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  • Lol
    I think he actually did a good job of answering!

  • It’s so funny what boys think about makeup and how they just don’t get it. Well, most. It would be the same for me and sports or cars so I guess we’re even :)

    Nereyda│ This Girl Is Obsessed

    • So true! I know absolutely nothing about sports and have a very limited knowledge of cars. That may actually make for an interesting post – my fiance asks me… haha! ;)

  • I actually love reading these posts at the moment haha, your brothers answers are great. The face powder comment is particularly fabulous.

    The Makeup Directory

    • I was almost crying at the powder comment. Best answer ever!

  • Samantha P

    This is hilarious! Your brother is the best. I want to do this with one of my good guy friends since my brothers are so introverted they won’t do pay attention. :)

    S .x