My Perfect Red Lip Combo

Perfect Red Lip Combo

Happy New Years lovelies! For my last post of 2015 I wanted to share this amazing red lip combo that I’ve been loving. It’s been a goal to try and experiment with red lips more in 2016, so when playing around with some different products in my stash, I paired these two together and loved the outcome. It would be perfect for those wanting to rock a pretty red pout for New Years!

When using matte lipsticks I always exfoliate and moisture my lips before hand. I am a huge lover of the LUSH lip scrubs and find they work really well at removing any dry patches on the lips – thanks winter! This helps the lip balm to penetrate deeper into the lips and makes a more even base for the lipstick, a must when using matte finish lip products.

Perfect Red Lip Combo

I first start out by lining my lips with the Annabelle Lipliner in Burgundy, and fill them in completely. The pencil is quite dry so that’s why it’s really important to use lip balm before hand. Since the next product is creamier in texture it can have a tendency to wear off quicker when eating and drinking so putting down the lip liner as a base for the lipstick will help it to wear off more evenly. I’ve talked about

I’ve talked about NARS Lip Pencils on my blog before and how much I love them and their pencil in Cruella is a beautiful deep red with a velvet matte finish. It’s pencil form makes it really easy to get very precise application, and paired with the Burgundy Lipliner from Annabelle they are a match made in heaven!

What is your perfect red lip combination?
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  • OMG thanks for doing this post!!! I was just looking at Annabelle lip liners for this NARS pencil as well. I find the NARS just feathers a little that I thought a liner will fix that issue enough. Thanks for helping me with this selection I didn’t have the NARS pencil with me I was kinda guessing lol.

    Katie |

    • Hi Katie! I’m so glad that I was able to help. Let me know how you like it! x

  • I really love that color!! I just got the lip pencil in dragon girl and I have been loving it! However, I do love a rich, darker red like this one! This may be next on my list to try!

    Shannon Sage

  • NARS Cruella is my favourite red lip for the holidays!

    xo, Liz