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It's A Baby Boy! | The Beauty Collective

I’ve wanted to sit down and share some updates a few times during my pregnancy, but I found it really hard to do so which is something I wasn’t expecting. Being extremely ill from the get-go was very unexpected and I actually took a break from everything completely for over three months. It was debilitating and very hard to live my day to day life, something you don’t really think about. I don’t want to focus on the negatives as this is such an amazing and exciting time for me and my fiance, but I also want to come back and read this in the future and want to keep things real. My pregnancy hasn’t been easy and I still find myself struggling, but slowly my health has been getting better bit by bit and I have been able to start doing the things I love again. My passion for writing, photography and many other things is starting to come back and I couldn’t be happier.

I am now 23 weeks pregnant, quite a jump from my last post, and I can’t believe the 6 month mark is only a few days away. On one side it feels as if it has gone by slowly due to how poorly I was feeling, but then on the other hand it feels as if it’s gone by fast. In just a few short months I’ll be holding my baby and a new chapter of my life will begin. It’s truly surreal. Something I was anxiously awaiting for (and our families) was finding out the sex of my baby, and last Friday I finally did. I had my suspicions from the beginning, and just had this feeling deep down that I knew what it was. How could I possibly have known? Surely that’s impossible, right? But I called the doctor, and after her looking at my scans she gave me the confirmation that it was, as I suspected, a baby boy.

It was so great to be able to tell all of my family and friends over the Thanksgiving weekend that my fiance and I were bringing a lovely baby boy into the world which made it all the more special. He is a very active little one and loves to kick, poke and make himself known. My belly is growing bigger and bigger by the week and I am finding it much harder now to do normal everyday activities with ease. I also get quite tired, so thank goodness for little afternoon naps!

My fiance and I have a name in mind that we really like, but we still aren’t cemented on it. I knew deciding on a name would be hard, and in turn we’ve been quite indecisive, but I know in the end we will have chosen a name that we absolutely love. After finding out the sex of the baby I couldn’t wait to do some shopping, which I did a bit of this weekend. I picked up a few clothing items from newborn and up to 12 months that I think are just the cutest. I mean, look at those cute baby H&M jeans!

So I think that is pretty much everything that I have to update you on! I hope to do some more updates in the near future that are a bit more in depth, and wanted to take a second to thank everyone who’s been so supportive and kind to me in the past few months. I truly appreciate it!

Have a lovely week! x

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  • Michelle

    Oh congrats! That’s so exciting. As a mom to a baby boy, it’s so much fun–and clothes for little boys have improved soooo much since my nephews were born! That little sweater is to die for. Again, congrats on the almost-6 months mark. It does go by so fast!

    Xo, Michelle