Coming Soon: Sigma Eye Shadow Bases

Sigma is at it again! In case some of you haven’t heard, Sigma has been hard at work creating some new products in their makeup line.. Eye Shadow Bases! I know a lot of you are really excited for these to launch, and they are coming sooner than you think! Sigma is releasing 9 different shades of their new eye shadow bases, all of which are absolutely stunning. They have a smooth, creamy formula that’s blendable and pigmented. Apply these bases on your lid before using eye shadows and watch your eye look transform.

There are three different kits that you can purchase: Bare, Flare and Dare (remember their amazing eye shadow palettes?) Each kit has 3 of their eye shadow bases, and includes a Sigma F70 brush to apply them. Kits can be purchased for $36. Amazing price! Interested in just a few colours? Not a problem! You can purchase them individually for $13 each.

  • Dare Base Kit: Dash, Strike, and Unveil , F70 brush
  • Flare Base Kit: Pursue, Spy and Provoke, F70 brush
  • Bare Base Kit: Sculpt, Pose, and Persuade, F70 brush


Now that you know about Sigma’s new products, you will be excited to know that they are launching February 4, 2013!

Will you be purchasing the new Sigma Eye Shadow bases?