Tips For The New Instagram Algorithm

Tips For The New Instagram Algorithm Change

I have been a huge fan of Instagram for quite a few years and have loved sharing snaps of my day to day life for the world to see. I also use it to connect with others in the blogging community, see what new products they are loving, get makeup inspiration, share my blog posts and even use it as a tool to catch up with friends. Instagram made it really easy for me to see what’s new in that moment just by simply scrolling down my feed, but that is all about to change. Instagram is switching to an algorithm based feed soon which means that they are now changing up how you will see content on their app.

Instagram will now be presenting you the photos and videos that they think you will most likely want to see first instead of the familiar scrolling through the newest to oldest posts that we all are used to. On their blog post they stated that “people miss on average 70 percent of their feeds” (see their full post here) which is quite a lot of content to be sure, so they created this algorithm based system as a way to make sure that you don’t miss out on the posts that could be the most important to you based on how you engage with the people or brands you follow. Simply, this means you will have to like and comment more on the things you are interested in order for the algorithm to know what posts you enjoy and are most important to you.

Without going into my feelings about the new change, I’m sure you’re now thinking as a blogger or creative “What do I need to be doing?”. I’ve compiled a few tips that will help you below!


Create visually appealing content that your audience wants to see

Make sure that the content that you are sharing is relevant to your followers and is appealing to the eye. Your images should be clear, well lit and not over-filtered. I like to use natural lighting with my photos and try and reduce the amount of shadows by using a light reflector. This makes sure that the shot is lit nicely from every angle and keeps it from looking too dark or harsh. Take a look at your recent photos and see which ones had the most interaction. These are the types of images that your followers are interested in and are likely to engage on, so that is a good starting point to focus your efforts.

Make your photos searchable with hashtags

So you’ve snapped a gorgeous pic and now it’s time to get that photo out there and hashtags are one of the easiest ways to get your images in front of a niche audience. Whether you are posting your makeup of the day or a snap of a new lipstick you purchased and are loving, incorporating hashtags such as #makeup or the brand that you are using helps others find your images. When a user is scrolling through the #makeup hashtag, it means they are specifically looking for makeup related content, therefore you’ve gotten your photo in front of the right audience.

Encourage community engagement

Now that you’re photo is being seen by your current and potential followers, encouraging engagement on your photos is key. Create a call to action by asking them a question, or creating a topic-focused discussion. Increased engagement on your images means that your content will be displayed at the top of your followers feed first, and that’s what we want! Having an involved social following is the key to success with the new Instagram algorithm. Don’t forget to like, leave comments and support pages that you are interested in as well, we are all in this together.

Post consistently

Consistency is key they say, and it couldn’t be truer. Uploading fresh, relevant content regularly is how you will ‘earn’ your engagement from your following. For example, if your viewers know that they can expect a photo from you every day (think blog/youtube scheduling) they will come back and see what’s new and leave you a like or comment. This will also keep them more interested, invested and up to date with your brand or business. That being said, make sure that you aren’t under or overposting by testing the waters. Try posting at different times during the day, or try sharing more or fewer photos in a day to see what your audience prefers.

So those are a few tips on how to ‘survive’ the new Instagram algorithm change. It’s definitely going to take some getting used to, but change is inevitable as we all know. Don’t be too worried as it’s going to take time for Instagram to completely roll out their plans, but I really hope that these few pointers helped you!

What are your thoughts on Instagram’s changes?


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  • It’s such an annoying change, but all of your tips are totally valid. I don’t follow very many people because I already don’t want to miss their content… so it’s a bit annoying that it’s switching to this algorithm instead. Ugh.

  • Thank you for your tips, babe! The change is so annoying and I am quite disapointing, even tho Instagram is my favourite social media platform.

  • chantelle moore

    This change is soo annoying but these tips will be helpful!
    ♡ chantelle | chanbelle

  • I’m really not looking forward to this change. Thank you for the tips, though!

    xo, Liz

  • Soph Cullen

    I had no idea this was happening, it will be interesting to see the reaction! xx

  • To be honest I’m really hoping they’re paying attention to everybody screaming at them ‘no we don’t want this’ and that they won’t make the change. I started turning on post notification on some of the accounts I follow yesterday but it soon drove me mad when every time somebody posted a picture it set off my message tone. I can’t cope with that constantly when I follow 400+ people so I had to turn them all off again! I guess if they decide to make the change I’ll just have to get used to it x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty

  • Great post and tips! I’m really not looking forward to this change. :-(

  • I’m not sure what to think yet about the new algorithm. On one hand its nice for those of us who can only check Instagram or post at a certain time of day, because it does have the potential for you to reach more of your subscribers. At the same time, it also has a lot of people feeling that their posts will get buried and never be seen. I agree with your advice to just keep posting quality content, stay engaged and hope for the best!

  • Jessie Lou

    Lets just hope that Instagram don’t actually roll out these changes and listen to what everyone is saying. On the other hand this post is very useful for instagram as a whole. I find that using different hashtags help attract people to my account. I see a lot of people are asking to put post notifications on, but I already get so many notifications from my phone anyway I dont see why I need more from instagram. I suppose we will just have to see what happens. x

  • I really hate the sound of this new Instagram algorithm, first Twitter and now insta, what are these social media people doing! But these are some great tips lovely, so thank you for sharing with us, I will try to continue some of them for the new update, I’m sure they’ll come in handy! :)

    Heather Xx

  • Sophie Dishman

    Brilliant post with a lot of great tips! Thank you!!!


  • Everything is changing so fast and I can barely keep up. Thank you for this post! Hopefully Instagram won’t be changing their algorithm so much more :(


  • The new Instagram algorithm is so frustrating but I think I have finally got my head round it all to make sure I get seen again and I see the posts I actually want to see. I didn’t think about asking questions in my posts to encourage community engagement though so thank you for this :)

    Hannah xxx

  • Shevy Bee

    I am not too sure whether I like the new algorithm or not. I do like the fact that I can see posts that I might have missed during the day but in terms of them showing me what they think i would be interested in is another story. It can go both ways.