Tips To Keep Your Fragrance Lasting Longer

Tips To Keep Your Fragrance Lasting Longer

I am one of those people that love perusing the perfume aisles at Sephora, testing anything that catches my eye. I love collecting different fragrances and switching up my scent up depending on the time of day, my mood – you name it. I always find myself falling in love with new perfumes because there are just so many lovely ones out there to choose from. We spend so much time trying to find our perfect signature scent and of course, we want it to last all day long, right? I’ve put together a list of really easy tips to help prolong the wear of your fragrances!

Apply your scent after your shower

After a nice hot shower, the steam and moisture help to open up the pores on your skin. Spraying your perfume onto damp skin after hopping out of the shower will help keep your scent in place.

Apply your scent after you moisturize

Use a corresponding moisturizer that accompanies your fragrance, or one that is unscented before spritzing. The fragrance will stick to the lotion and be absorbed into the skin making it last longer.

Choose a scent with stronger notes

Lighter smelling fragrances typically don’t perform as well as those with stronger, bolder notes. Base notes are the final and longest lasting notes in a fragrance, so choosing a scent with vanilla, musk (any many others) are known to linger longer on the skin.

Use FragranceLock spray

One of the easiest ways to keep your fragrance lasting all day long is using a fragrance locking spray. FragranceLock* ($30 USD | $39 CAD) is a product recently launched and has already taken the beauty world by storm for its innovative and easy to use concept. You spray your fragrance of choice onto your skin or clothes, let it dry and then finish off with a spritz of this spray over top and it locks it into place. Simple, right? I’ve been testing it for a few weeks and have honestly seen a difference in the longevity of my fragrances, it’s incredible! Available on The Shopping Channel.


Do you have any tips for prolonging the wear of your fragrances?


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4 Tips To Keep Your Fragrance Lasting Longer

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  • I haven’t heard of fragrance locks or anything like that. It’s brilliant! I prefer lighter scents, so they don’t last very long, but I do like a luxurious fragrance every once in a while. I tried out Giorgio Armani Si today, and I felt so ladylike, even in my hoodie and jeans, ha!

    • It’s such a genius idea, and it really works!

      Armani Si smells amazing, I’ve been wanting to add it to my collection! Such a sophisticated scent! x