Wantable.co Premium Makeup Box Review

Hi lovelies,

Recently I was sent a gift box from Wantable.co*, a new beauty box company that offers a variety of different products that you can either subscribe to monthly or buy one box at a time.I was eagerly awaiting for the box to come in the mail, excited from seeing reviews from other bloggers raving about their boxes (ie: Glamorable) Aren’t those products to die for?

As soon as I saw the purple box I was so excited. I instantly noticed the pretty packaging. All the products were wrapped in black tissue paper on top of black paper shavings and there was a big Wantable.co sticker on the front. I quickly opened up the tissue paper and took a look at all of my products. Before you get your box you fill out a beauty profile questionnaire on their website so they can choose products that will suite you. Each box has a $80-$100 dollar value and here’s what I received in my box:

*Paula Dorf Cheek Color Cream in Doll Face – $23
*Verhoeven Cosmetics Sculptre Highlight Stick in Spotlight – $24
*MyFace Cosmetics Gigabite Lipstick in Suga Mama – $18
*MiA BelleZZa Luxe Creme Gel Liner in Verde – $16.50
*Spadara Doux Amour Sample – $0.00
*Spadara Nero Sample – $0.00
*Kai Fragrance Kai Perfume Oil Sample – $0.70

Total: $82.20


The box retails for $36 for a monthly subscription, or $40 to buy it one box at a time. My total just hit the $80 mark, and even after filling out a huge questionnaire I assumed they would pick products that would suite me personally, but they didn’t. There are only two products that I would use out of this box which is the gel creme eyeliner, and the highlighter stick. The eyeliner is very creamy and pigmented and glides effortlessly. The highlighter stick is a very pretty shade, and gives a perfect glow on the top of my cheekbones.

The lipstick is the most unflattering brown shade I have ever come across, it does not suite my pale skin in the slightest. The cheek colour is described as a “nude watermelon shade” and is also unflattering on my pale skin. While the consistency of the product is nice and blendable, the colour is too dark on my skin and is more of a brown than watermelon. The perfume samples aren’t the most amazing smelling fragrances I have ever smelt. They are very strong and not what I would wear at all.

Seeing boxes like the one from Glamorable, this is not what I was expecting in the slightest. I would have preferred her box as it is right up my alley with products I could actually use and would flatter my skin. I’d be interested in seeing what other products that they will be adding to their boxes- I guess it’s hit or miss. I do however still think that you should give them a shot if you’re looking into purchasing a beauty box. I’ve seen some nice products in them, but mine just wasn’t the greatest. I think I’d try my luck at another box in the future.



What do you guys think of the Wantable.co boxes? Would you purchase one? They not only have a box for makeup, but for jewelry as well for those who would prefer that which is really different and interesting. Let me know in the comments below what you think!


*Check out my new review of the May Wantable Box here to see how well they did with their products this time around!

  • Kristin

    Great review! I received my February Wantable.co makeup box yesterday and posted a full review on my blog. I got some amazing beauty products this month. So exciting!

    – KW